РБИУ (Русско-Британский институт управления)

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Our purpose is in profound practical training of students and up-market employment of graduates. The entire system of studying at RBIM is designed in the way that gives students an opportunity to obtain complete knowledge about inside and out of their future profession starting form the first year of study. Students will undertake placement training, will be able to work in creative workshops, take part in professional contests.  And vocational practical training abroad (in Europe, China, and the USA) will open brilliant employment prospects.

Execution of real life projects is the basis of training in RBIM. Starting form the first year of study, the students learn project management, acquire teamwork skills, master the skills of customer service and obtain professional experience. Project work is included into the programme of the course for each year of study. During project weeks included into the curriculum, future programming specialists develop projects of web site, managers – business plans of enterprises, designers – corporate identity, clothing collections, or design projects depending on their specialization. Public defence of works before investors, practical training undertaken in companies, portfolio of implemented projects – all that increases competitive ability of RBIM graduates.