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Project weeks

All the students are involved in unique projects. At that time the institute reminds a hive: everyone is rushing up and down, inventing, discussing, and deciding something, and then turning their ideas into reality.

The major purpose of project activities consists in making it possible for senior students to accomplish projects for real business in future, to offer their business solutions, to build prepared project teams and launch their own business while studying in the institute.

The outcome of work performed by the project group “Cartoon Voice Dubbing” (project group supervisor – Inna Pyasetskaya).

Original title – “Das doppelte Lottchen” (2007).

Animated children’s film made after the same-name novel by Erich Kästner. Directed by Toby Genkel. This kind story, both sad and funny to a turn, will catch the fancy of children and is perfectly suitable for family viewing.