РБИУ (Русско-Британский институт управления)

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RBIM structure


   Executive Vice-Rector

      Higher School of Design

         Department of Drawing and Painting

         Department of Design

     Higher School of Management

         Department of Humanities

         Department of Mathematics and Informatics

         Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

         Department of Economics and Finance

         Department of Management

         School of Hairdressing Proficiency PIVOT POINT 

     Higher School of Service and Tourism

         Department of International Service and Tourism

         Department of Training and Production Supply

         Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication

      Faculty of Corresponding Studies

         Kopeisk Branch of the Faculty of Corresponding Studies

      Faculty of Further Education


      Academic Department

      Department of Apprenticeship and Career Development

      Quality Management Department

      Vice-Rector for Science and Research

         Department of Research and Methodology

      Vice Rector for Students Affairs

         Department of Students Affairs


     IT Department


   Vice-Rector for Marketing and Development

      Department of Marketing and Development

      International Department

      Training Business Centre

      Web Development Centre     


   Housekeeping Vice-Rector

      Technical Services

      Housekeeping Department

   Vice-Rector for Project Work

   Accounting Office

   Finance Office

   Security Department

   Legal Advisor

   Personnel Department