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RBIM Partners:

Golden Fork National Award -
'Young Restaurateur School' Project

A unique project 'Young restaurateur school' was launched in March 2011 by National Restaurant Award 'Golden Fork' and RBIM Higher School of Service and Tourism. 

Famous higher education institution together with Golden Fork Awards provide young Chelyabinsk citizens with the opportunity to acquire unique skills and knowledge. 'Young Restaurateur School' programme is very intense: trainees learn gastronomical secrets, service and etiquette. Studying in this school is useful not only for children, but also for their parents. They cook special dishes together, learn to serve tables, get familiar with interesting and useful rules of restaurant etiquette.

All classes take place in RBIM training kitchen and training restaurant. The Institute's equipment is on the same level as in 5-star hotels and best restaurants.

'Young Restaurateur School' teachers delight everybody! Brand-chef Alexander Kozodoy will guide cooking main courses. His professionalism is highly appreciated by eminent guests and distinguished chefs from famous hotel schools of Austria, UK, Greece, Germany and Canada.

Classes in etiquette will be conducted by Angela Mirzoyan, Director of RBIM Higher School of Service and Tourism, author of encyclopaedia “World of etiquette”. Anton Tregubov, young and talented specialist who had an internship in Austria, will teach service.


Chelyabinsk Restaurateurs Association

1C: Accounting


'Theory and Practice' Chelyabinsk 


'Theory and practice' meetings take palce at RBIM. Maxim Usynin, RBIM Vice-rector for Marketing and Development says, “We became a T&P partner, because it is cool! Let’s arrange 'intellectual' Fridays! We want to become such a magnet in our city where people can meet and communicate, discuss smart things, listen to interesting, peculiar and crazy people.”

T&P is a project which unites people who strive for new knowledge and are ready to share it. Our world has been developing very fast, information quickly becomes outdated, so new approaches are needed in the system of education. In these conditions a new format of teaching spontaneously appeared: ‘edutainment events’.

Edutainment = education + entertainment. Edutainment is a new method of exchanging knowledge: lectures, seminars, master-classes which everybody can attend. By the way, the meetings can take place anywhere: in a bar or a club, a gallery, a studio, an office, a cafe, an auditorium or in a park.

Educational entertainment events gather a big audience all over the world; it is a modern and fascinating way of obtaining knowledge. It became necessary to upload all the announcements of these events on one web site.

‘Theory and practice’ web site contains information about the lecturers, topics of future and previous classes and short references about organizers of the events and the sites. T&P arranges public lectures, cooperates with other organizers of such events and always look for those who are ready to share their knowledge and who can make the learning process really interesting.

Moreover, ‘Theory and practice’ helps the knowledge to overcome geographical distances (the web site unites creative people from Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Copenhagen). The web site video-library is constantly enlarged with the videos of different educational events, and thus they become available for everybody. The library contains lectures of such famous speakers as Leonid Parfionov, Oleg Kashin, Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper (founder of “Afisha” magazine, president of Institute of Media, Architecture and Design “Strelka”), Demian Kudryavtsev (General Manager of Publishing House “Kommersant”) and others.


AIESEC, International organization


AIESEC is an international organization which provides young people with an opportunity to reveal and develop their capabilities and make a positive contribution to the society. We have represenatives in more than 1100 universities in 110 countries. Our organization is non-political and non-profit and is run by students and recent graduates.

Every year more than 10 000 young people occupy leading positions: from supervising small projects or teams to managing national and international departments. Every year AIESEC offers 10 000 international internships in companies, non-profit organizations or social educational projects all over the world.

Participants of the programmes are students and recent graduates who are interested in global problems and trends, leadership, management and economics, and in getting international experience.  AIESEC contributes to the development of countries and its population, making an emphasis on international cooperation and cultural understanding.

AIESEC main functions are:

1. To arrange international internships;

2. To arrange conferences, trainings, seminars (city and international level);

3. To implement social, educational and business projects.


Women’s Club "Serebro"

About the club

“Life of happiness – it is real!”

Under this very slogan a lady’s club “Serebro” was designed and launched.

Having been created on June 5, 2009, the club became a place for communication of ladies who wish to be the authors of their lives and understand that it is possible to attract success into their lives.

The club sets two goals for itself – cultural and educational and unifying ones. Apart from various information interchange, we support each other helping to solve different problems from disarrays in personal life to attraction of consumer flow.

Meetings are held on Wednesdays. In the club one can meet successful, interesting ladies, who strain after living their lives and breathe chestful (at that, they stay real Women).

+7 351 248-33-93



Young Entrepreneurs School, Chelyabinsk Region


‘Young Entrepreneurs School’ was launched in Chelyabinsk in March 2008, and it has already provided many ambitious and purposeful young people with opportunities to implement their business ideas.

“From idea to starting up a business!” - it is a modern social educational project which is aimed at popularization of entrepreneurship in youth environment, at development of small businesses in our region and assistance for young people to start their own business.

The project “From idea to starting up a business!” can nowadays be considered one of the most effective tools, which is used to develop youth entrepreneurship and to form a stratum of young entrepreneurs. ‘Young Entrepreneurs School’ was established by young people for young people, and it is an element of organization innovation itself.

What benefits can ‘Young Entrepreneurs School’ give you?

- Knowledge

- Experience

- Connection

- Partners

- Clients

- Investment

- Information support

For further information on this project, please, call +79080523807; +79085785524

or e-mail us: mshp-chelyabinsk@mail.ru.