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Special Features of Studying

The main problems of higher education are as follows: lack of integration of higher education institutions and business, low level of practical skills shown by graduates, what in turn results in inability to build a career. Teaching theory only through the textbooks becomes a thing of the past, while practice is crucial for the future professional life! Educational programmes at RBIM are, first of all, aimed at reaching success in business. Our teaching strategy is aimed at forming practical professional skills.


The core principle of instruction at RBIM is completing real projects. For this purpose we established a project management center at the institute. From the first year of study students learn project management, acquire skills in team working and interaction with clients, get professional background. During scheduled  project weeks students work on different projects. Public defense in front of investor, corporate practice, portfolio consisting of completed projects enhance competitiveness of our graduates. 



 The educational programme includes a unique course which helps students to train managerial skills – ‘Fundamental Managerial Competences’ (FMC). Other higher education institutions do not provide students with this course. It is not just a complex of disciplines provided by curriculum. It is something greater as you will learn not only to set a goal but also to divide them into separate tasks, choose an appropriate toolkit and solve them. It doesn’t matter which sphere they belong to - education or career, private life or family life, interaction with peers, chiefs, partners, colleagues, or subordinates. The FMC course will teach you how to change the quality of life and turn it into a brand new one. Studying is conducted in the form of role and simulation games, trainings, on-line training via computer simulators. FMC course starts with the ‘7 Keys’ training which represents a unique set of skills and management tools.


One of the core principles of RBIM is integrating business with educational process: Entrepreneurs act like project originators, experts, and consultants during project weeks; workshops and trainings are conducted. Students learn to establish dialogue with real business: they build up teams in order to solve business tasks and participate in Open Innovation open competition. An academic business center ‘Dough Project’ and a Center for Web Research are a kind of bridge between education and business. The centers unite students and professors for  making and implementing business projects (in-house and order projects).


You won’t believe! There are no exam sessions at RBIM! The students are constantly involved into the learning process, so they don’t have to cram for their exams the night before. During the semester students sit for computer aided tests, and this ensures constant check of their knowledge, while the majority of the time is devoted to practice.


The motto of RBIM “We are all different, we are all talented” implies individual approach to each student.  You will reveal your talents in the professional area and creative work.

Studying at RBIM will enable you to build an international career. You’ll get international diplomas, learn foreign languages and undergo professional training abroad. You’ll be able to work in any country. RBIM is training specialists of the new generation!