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Alumni Feedback

I have graduated from CIH in 2002, completed my studies in college with the specialization in Accounting and Control, got a diploma with distinction. 3 years of study have left only pleasant memories (now, I am a student of another well-known HEI, but it is deadly dull there). Teaching staff is really excellent. I would like to make a pointed reference to our Dean Vorobiev Yu.I., Lecturer Matskevich V.A. (did she drill us in Accounting!), Syskova E.V., Mirzoya A.P., Shvets T.E. (Aerobics is just super!), Zaripov S.M. and certainly Tatiana Vasilievna Usynina personally. I would like to wish great success, luck, and prosperity!


The institute is really excellent! I have graduated in 2005 with the specialization in Accounting and Control after 6,5 (!) years of study in the institute: 3 years on the programme of secondary vocational education (after 9 years at school) and 3,5 years of shortened training on the programme of higher vocational education. And now, when I am looking through the web site of my beloved institute and see new specializations, it falls into my mind to go back to study again. I would like to express my special gratitude to wonderful CIH teachers, such as Matskevich V.A, Kharlova T.V., Shvets T.E.! I wish CIH further development and success!!!


Former student
I have finished my studies in CIH in 2002, the memories left are only pleasant ones. I have been studying at the Faculty of Design (then it was called the Faculty of Arts), Department of Interior Design. Tatiana Vasilievna Is right when she says that training costs are paid off very soon. Mine have been paid off upon implementation of the very first large project. I look on current and future students with admiring envy – they study at such a wonderful new building! I often think of my teachers with special warmth – Vitlif V.G., Vinokur I.V., Shapovalova V.G. and many-many others. I wish my dear institute success, prosperity and development!!! 


I have graduated from CIH in 2000, it’s a pity the new building was before my time, I will definitely come to see it. Studying in CIH is really not so boring, as in other HEIs, thus if I ever decide to get another higher education I will choose CIH only!  


I have finished my studies in 2004. I’ve been lucky to study both in the “old” building and in the new “home of CIH”. It was very pleasant to be and study in the institute, as skilled professionals and just wonderful people work here. I’m happy that I caught the work of R.N. Vaysner, have been studying under her guidance. I love and respect so much Syskova E.V.,Glinkina T.A., Shvets T.E., Matskevich V.A., and all the teaching staff of CIH. I would like to wish the institute and the Rector Usynina T.V. more good students and patience.


I am proud of the fact that I have been studying at CIH!!!!


Elena Kuznetsova
My younger brother is now studying Management in Restaurant and Hotel Business. Frankly speaking, I envy him: it is SO INTERESTING! Practical training in Austria upon completion of the first year of study, KVN team and so on. To be honest, it is quite expensive, but I’m sure it is worth it, since such experts are now really marketable, to my personal mind. My warmest regards to Tamara Aleksandrovna Glinkina!


Nadezhda Denisova, graduate of 2003
The time of being a student is the most free swinging, chilling, and certainly cheerful! Here I have found a lot of friends whom I still keep company with.

I wish prosperity to the institute, patience to teachers, good marks to students, and tasty food the institute’s canteen!  


Ekaterina Ilyasova (Koryagina)
The institute gave me the chance to visit German University. This is the best time of being a student! I was keen on Painting and History of Arts! I wish happiness, smiles, and appreciative students!


Yulia Gerbut (Rizen)
The best impressions of studying at CIH! I liked its creative atmosphere and innovative approach to teaching a lot!


Hello, my dear institute. I have read of you on the web site and casted my mind back to the happy time of being a student. I would like to say thank you to all out teachers for they have not only been teaching us, but helping to live. Especially often I’m thinking of our teacher of Cultural Studies and Philosophy - Marina Aleksandrovna (I can’t remember her surname). If she is still working there, get her a great thank you for the fact that she discussed with us the meaning of life, love and death, the way to behave in difficult situations. Among ourselves we called her Marusya and loved her very much, and still repeat some of her words. It’s a good thing that there are such teachers.   


Yana Tusupzhanova
As a student I can tell you one thing: studying at this institute will bring you not only sound knowledge and skills, but cheerful and highly-charged life as well. I have graduated from CIH in 2006 (the Faculty of secondary vocational education) with the specialization in Management and now I happily work for a construction company as a Human Resource Manager. I landed my job right off the bat, as soon as they saw my diploma. I hadn’t had a working experience in this sphere; however, I have never had problems with documents execution in the process of work, as there in CIH they teach not only in theory, but in practice as well. At that, special attention is paid to practical skills namely!  TATIANA VASILIEVNA, THANK YOU FOR GIVING US CIH!!! Я


I have graduated from Ariadne college in 2003 and entered CIH to get a higher education on the programme of corresponding studies in 2007. I have no regrets about my choice of the place where to study at!!!


Elena Stratulat
It was interesting to study thanks to the teachers we communicated with every day! They are particularly those who have been bringing coloration in everything!  HUGE respect to all the lecturers from the Department of Linguistics of 2003-2007! You made us much better!


Irina Cherepanova, graduate of 2008 
CIH is a special place! There is everything necessary for realization of students’ personal potential here. Thanks to everyone who assisted us in studies! THANKS YOU, CIH RECTOR TATIANA VASILIEVNA, FOR A GIVEN OPPORTUNITY OF SELF-REALIZATION AND COLOURFUL STUDENT LIFE! Unfortunately, my time of being a student ended up in 2008, but the impressions will hold out to a great age.  


Yulia Fattakhova, graduate of 2006
Studying at CIH has left great many of pleasant memories in my life. First of all, from aesthetical point of view, as when one is in an education institution for the first time he/she evaluates its external view. And CIH possesses pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Second of all, lecturers’ attitude to students was very good, respectful. In spite of the fact that we have been studying at the Faculty of Corresponding Studies, they strained after giving us real knowledge. I would like to make a pointed reference to the Department of Economics and Accounting and to Valentina Aleksandrovna Matskevich.


Svetlana Belonogova, graduate of 2009
I will never forget all the activities we have mastered, all the festivals “Students Spring”, canteen with its scrumptious thick soup of vegetables and meat, nightly studying, 7-hour tests and 15-minute exams! All our teachers, especially Ekaterina Viktorovna Syskova, Tamara Aleksandrovna Glinkina, Tatiana Evgenievna Shvets! They have really formed us into one body and have been bringing us up for all these 5 years! I adore Natalia Valentinovna Sadovnikova, Anzhela Pavlovna Mirzoyan. Our teachers are stylish, intelligent, intellectual! And we wish to be like them!  


Svetlana Khristoforova, graduate of 2010
I can tell with certainty: I am happy that it fell upon me to study at such a HEI as RBIM. The institute helped me to open the world for myself in another way, to understand that “impossible is possible” and life is really wonderful! I achieved my dream of having visited Greece - twice; have met many interesting people, who, I hope, will be in my life forever, and obtained my favourite profession. So much more pleasant to realize that I do not part with the institute, but continue getting to know it!  


Galina Khotko, RBIM college graduate of 2010
College is a bridge between school and institute. It helped me to find my sea legs after school time; helped me to choose the specialty that is really interesting, that requires higher education. I like RBIM very much with its atmosphere of coziness and kindness on the part of teachers. They did a great job when have been training us and abiding our antics.


Anna Illarionova, graduate of 2010
Talking about RBIM I can tell with certainty – no regrets and no disappointment. First of all, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere is formed already in the process of the institute’s external appearance evaluation. Second of all, RBIM is distinguished by competent teachers, which are very interesting to listen to. They all know their subject excellently, ready to help and explain things that are difficult for understanding any time. I would like to express huge gratitude to the address of the Candidate of Pedagogical Science Khmelnitskaya N.I. Progressive knowledge in the sphere of Management acquired under her guidance provide invaluable help in future work.

Apart from educational process, sporting life is vivid in RBIM, for example – Snow Mix in Sun Valley (Solnechnaya Dolina). For me, as for a devotee of snowboarding, this is a very joyful moment in winter. Sun Valley welcomes recreationist, those who like drive and positive climate. At that, these are not only students, but teachers as well. Studying at RBIM is comfortable. I am heartily satisfied and grateful to those who have been taking part in our educational process and become a part of our life for these four years!!!

Konstantin Antonov, graduate of 2010
Excellent HEI that gave me really a lot. I’ve been studying Management with specialization in Restaurant and Hotel Business. The Department consisted of experienced experts. Only here one can get a professional education in restaurant and hotel business.  


Ekaterina Shumakova
The name of the institute is fully justified – students attend classes of foreign lecturers and undertake internships abroad. There are very attractive specialties in this institute, one of them – Management in Restaurant and Hotel Business. This is the programme my brother is the student of. Upon getting home from lectures, he shares with us lots of interesting facts, demonstrates skills in table setting, cooking acquired in practice. There are real masters of their craft among the teaching staff; they are ready to share their experience with students. I’m impressed by the atmosphere of this HEI, the new building with comfortable, ample, light lecture rooms and recreational areas, and a fountain at entrance – excellent place for having rest during the break.