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Postgraduate Courses

Russian-British Institute of Management offers the following Postgraduate programmes:

13.00.08 Theory and Methods of Professional Education – It is a branch of pedagogic science that studies principles of professional training and retraining of specialists, and also develops theoretical justifications, methods, and technologies of professional education.

08.00.05 Economics and Management of the National Economy (Economics, Organisation and Management of Enterprises, Sectors, and Complexes) – It is a branch of economic science that studies: theory of economic systems management; macroeconomics; economics, organisation and management of enterprises, sectors, and complexes. This branch of knowledge investigates economic systems, their genesis, formation, development and prognostication.

10.02.19 Linguistic Theory - This course includes basic sections and methodologies of contemporary linguistic sciences: from introduction to the specialty to level-by-level investigation of internal structure of a language; existing ideas of the main components, units, and rules of a natural language, as well as techniques for studying them. The ideology and formalization technique, which gained independent significance thanks to the achievements of structural linguistics, are investigated in researches within such fields as Comparative Linguistics, Typology, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, World’s Languages and Linguistic Areas, Historiography, where evolution of scientific paradigms is studied.

Series and number of a licence given by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science: A № 2407 dated 09.11.2009.

Mode of study – corresponding studies. Length of the programme - 4 years. 

The courses are offered on a fee-paying basis.

Admission to postgraduate courses is held on a competitive basis for persons having completed a higher vocational education course.

Entrance examinations:

• Subject of specialization (Pedagogy / Economics)

• Philosophy

• Foreign Language (English / German)

The entrance examinations are held in September of the current year. The documents are accepted until August 31.

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