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How to Choose a Career?

Choosing a career is the first serious step in life, and each school leaver has to make it. It is YOUR CHOICE. Choose whether your life will be independent, full-fledged, and comfortable or unsettled and uncertain. Getting a degree is just the first step, and then you will have a long professional life ahead of you. And everything this life will be full of: triumphs and achievements, or bitter disappointment – depends on the right move taken today. If you want to be successful doing your thing, then choose a career in accordance with your personal habits, capabilities, and interests. 

Would you like to find out what occupation suits you in particular? 

Each Monday and Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in RBIM, you may take a FREE computer aided test that will allow:

• To reveal your spheres of interest and vocation for one or another profession

• To make up your psychological profile and identify your occupational calling

And then you may discuss obtained results with your parents and friends at home. 

The following activities will help you and your classmates to know more about professions:

IMITATION GAMES: Advertising and Marketing, Buy an Option, Business Plan. In the course of the game, you will “try a profession on”, learn to conclude contracts, make deals, and earn money virtually. According to the results of the game, the winning team is awarded with a prize. 

SERVICE MASTER-CLASSES: In the Training Restaurant, the students of Higher School of Service and Tourism will show you various types of table setting, teach you how to make coffee “Flambé”, carve fruits, and also will disclose the secrets of etiquette.

FASHION LOOK MASTER-CLASSES: In Training Beauty Salon, the students studying Beauty Industry Management will demonstrate to you current trends in youth hairstyling, show you unusual types of plaiting and disclose other secrets of creating a stylish look.

LECTURES IN FASHION MUSEUM: Museum of 20th Century Fashion History exists in RBIM for already 5 years under the auspices of a fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. There are more than 400 exhibit items in the museum collection. You will see the unique pieces, listen to a lecture on seasonal fashion of the past age, and learn how to look stylish today. 

Participation in all these activities is FREE OF CHARGE.

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