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RBIM Is an Institution Which Operates on an International Level

Thanks to the journalists, people started calling us “Russian Oxford”. At first, we were against this. Why?

Because Oxford University implies several hundred years old history, and we are only twenty.

Oxford University is associated with large auditoria, where the students are given lectures, while RBIM students are accomplishing projects working in teams.

Oxford University means thousands of students, and here we know each student by sight.

However, there is something that unites us – we are also establishing an international brand for education in our country. 

The 21st century is the century of great opportunities. The borders between countries are disappearing now. And young specialists are provided with huge opportunities for building up a career not only in their native country, but abroad. Everything depends only on your desire and passion.

The aim of our Institute is to create such opportunities for our students. That is why we have been establishing partner relations with other higher education institutions.

The strengths of Russian education lie in its consistency. Educational establishments provide the graduates with excellent basic knowledge. However, this is not enough in the 21st century. That is why we have been integrating Russian and international curricula. We create such partnerships that enable us to integrate practical aspects into Russian system of education. Our foreign partners assist us in incorporating into the courses the following elements: master-classes, team-learning, accomplishing real projects, and – the key aspect - practical training both in Russia and abroad.

RBIM is now accomplishing three international projects:

1)    Collaboration with the University of Wales (UK). Since 2009 RBIM has been offering the following courses, validated and awarded by the University of Wales: BA (Hons) in International Management, BA (Hons) in Design with pathways in Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design. The collaboration implies holding master-classes, profound study of the English language, practical training/internship abroad. We would like to emphasize the fact that the Chancellor of the University of Wales is His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales.

2)    Partnership with Salzburg Tourism Schools (Austria). Since 2004 RBIM has been offering joint educational programmes with specializations ‘Management in Restaurant and Hotel Business’, ‘Management in Tourism Business’. Thanks to this partnership, the students study professional subjects (such as Service, Tourism, Culinary Arts, etc.) that will enable them to become good hoteliers. Acquired knowledge and skills provide our students with the opportunity to undergo practical training in the best hotels of Austria, Netherlands, Greece, China and the USA.

3)    Collaboration with Pivot Point Hairdressing Academy (USA). Pivot Point Academy is a Harvard for hairdressers. We are training future founders and owners of beauty salons. The curriculum includes a special course aimed at training hairdressers according to the Pivot Point Academy standards, and a managerial course, which the students take upon enrollment to the University of Wales BA (Hons) in International Management scheme.