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The school website - www.школа7ключей.рф

“7 Keys” enjoyable school by Russian-British Institute of Management opens its doors on September 1, 2012. Why is it called “enjoyable”? Because that will be the school, where children enjoy going to, and from where they return home in a good mood.

Here, in Russian-British school “7 Keys”, the State Standard of the Russian Federation is realized. High level of schoolchildren’s performance is achieved due to conceptually different methods of teaching. 

School “7 Keys” is committed to this principle: freedom is essential for personality formation. Educational process takes place in psychologically comfortable atmosphere, allowing children to develop their potential to the full extent.

Teaching process is based on such kinds of activities as Interesting Deeds, project-based learning, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, training dialogue, experimentation, correspondence, catalogue of mistakes, group forms of activities and individual approach to each child’s development path.

Teaching in elementary school is carried out according to development teaching program “Future-oriented elementary school”.

At the teenage stage special attention is paid to provision of opportunities for responsible authorial action of a schoolchild and expanding the fields of cognition.

Specialized education at a senior stage is implemented through individual educational schemes: foreign languages, design, and computer technology. Apart from the Russian general education program, senior pupils can choose an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). School “7 Keys” is a school without marks and homework, which makes it possible to approach children education on an informal basis, supporting individual approach in point of fact.

“7 Keys” is a full-day school. During afternoons children are engaged in sports activities in a unique sports complex or busy with creative work in a school of arts and crafts. For the purpose of psychological release and stress relieve, a sensory room, psychological release room, and a game room in the elementary school are created.

Four meals daily are arranged in a self-service buffet style. Children can choose dishes by themselves and for the period of time spent within the walls of the school a certain menu will be worked out with the possibility of making it better and introducing changes. Schoolchildren have a meal in a room of a restaurant type: sitting at tables for four. Table etiquette is inculcated from the very 1st year of study.

Stylish, modern school uniform both for classroom activities and sports is designed in a unique corporate style and consists of several lines at that. “7 Keys” collection is so much multifarious that having selected the garments from the catalogue both children and parents will be sure that each child will not lose his/her individuality even wearing a school uniform.

As for summer vocation period, our schoolchildren have a chance to spend it at Moreton Hall School (UK).

Admission process has already started!

Do you have any questions? Please, attend a DOORS OPEN DAY.

Telephone: +7 351 216 10 20.

The school website - www.школа7ключей.рф


 The enrolment for the academic year 2012-2013 is carried out for the children of 1-6 forms.

Do you have any questions? Please, attend a DOORS OPEN DAY. 

Telephone: +7 351 216 10 20.