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The Bootstrapper’s Bible


The Bootstrapper’s Bible – that is the name of the book by Seth Godin that has changed the minds of thousands of people all over the world. Russian-British Institute of Management obtained permission for that book translation from the author himself – the guru of bootstrapping, innovator, business person, creator of the Purple Cow and other best-selling books.

And now you also have an opportunity to look at business in a new way! We would like to bring to your attention the translation of the epochal manifesto which is FREE to download in PDF.

What is a bootstrapper? How to start a business with no money and make it effective? What is a business model? What are the advantages of small companies over the industry giants and why great ideas can wipe you out? Seth Godin answers these and other questions in his own manner – with a large dose of humour, insomuch easy and softly that even those who have little to do with business of any kind don’t remain indifferent - they absorb the postulates of bootstrapping eagerly. The laws of marketing observation and infraction of which is always leading by no means to success or failure (incredible as it may seem!) are apprehended easily and lively as their effect is illustrated by the examples from famous and not so well known people’s stories of success and failure. Advices given in this book may serve as an excellent platform for new initiatives, for improvement of existing companies’ efficiency, and give an impulse to movement in a totally new direction for those who have never thought of their own business to open, for one reason or another. And not only business – much of what one can glean from The Bootstrapper’s Bible will surely be fruitful in every sphere of activities.

The Bootstrapper’s Bible will help each of you to set ajar the door on your way to success!