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Student Life

You have no chance to get bored here! Festivals “Light your star”, English song festival, intellectual marathon, contests and various celebrations will involve you in event kaleidoscope.

You can participate in our titled Fashion Theatre (multiple-winner of the festival “Student Spring”). There is also Museum of XX Century Fashion History, which appeared to be the first in Russia! It is supervised by the famous fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev.

Do you value good sense of humor and sharp-wittedness? You will enjoy playing in KVN (“Club of the Funny and Inventive”)! It’s our women team “City-jam”, which won the award at the Gala Concert of X International Festival of KVN teams and participated in the TV show on the First channel. KVN in RBIM is more than a game now. It’s the way of life! KVN Rector’s Cup is one of the most striking institute events.

Do you like ‘active rest’? Join the “Shtrikh” Studio aerobic groups. By the way, “Shtrikh” is a tenfold winner of Russian and Ural-Siberian championship, twofold finalist of the world championship.


If you like romance of mountains, then pack you backpack and join the touristic club. Students go backpacking all over South Ural every spring and autumn.

You can develop your creativity and participate in performances of studio “Teatr Prazdnika” (Theater of Celebration), singing, dancing, and playing in rock groups. All our teams are participants and winners of “Student Spring” Festival.

Active and creative students arrange Knowledge Day, Student Initiation Ceremony, Health Days, “Miss and Mister RBIM”, New Year parties, St. Valentine’s Day.

Sports events, such as “Autumn Marathon”, “Snow Mix”, (festival of extreme and pleasure which is held on ski resort “Solnechnaya Dolina”) and “ICE COOL”, unite students and professors.

Professional training is impossible without active life style, ability to make decisions and taking responsibility for them. Participation in student self-government is a real leadership school. Leadership skills which you gain in Student Union will help you in your future job. Employers value those candidates who have managerial skills. Student committees - “Miloserdie” (Mercy), “Narcomania prevention”, “Social work” and others - help students to solve their problems.

Center of sport and recreation will be opened near the main building soon. There will be a swimming pool, a gym, creative studios and a theatre hall. Student life in RBIM will give you inspiration for life! We do open talents!

RBIM creative teams:

Ballroom Dancing Studio

Dram and Bass

Theatre of Celebration


Fitness and Aerobics Studio

Vocal Studio


Fashion Theatre

Newspaper “Apelsin” and Video Editing studio “RBIM Life”