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RBIM Student Council

Student Council is a voluntary organization for students with pro-active attitude. Our aims can be different, but they obey a uniform rule: student life should be eventful and vivid! What can be done for that? How to make the years spent in the institute bright and interesting? First of all, this is about organisation of various events, festivals; participation in contests of student art, visits to exhibitions, concerts and many other things. Student Council gives each of its members the experience of social intercourse, new acquaintances; the experience of development, organisation and implementation of projects; it helps to open up leadership skills.

The principle purpose and motto of RBIM Student Council: “We can do anything, if we do it together!”The students take part in special schools and trainings for active people, and they are not just becoming real leaders within the walls of their Alma Mater. Interpersonal skills, creative approach, and administrative abilities help to make them competent managers.  

Student Council is an effective mechanism for students’ ideas and plans realisation; this is the system, which is able to provide support to any initiative and makes it possible to achieve optimal results by social forces.

If you wish to have an impact on the things that happen to you, your group-mates, your HEI and to create these events by yourself - Student Council is for you!

RBIM Student Council:

- encourages student-administration feedback;
- forms students’ corporate culture;
- unites students from different years and fields of study;
- arranges recreation activities and festivals;
- collaborates with educational institutions of the city and country;
- represents the interests of the student body in the process of academic issues resolution.

What makes the essence of Student Council’s life

- Initiation into Students,
- Health Days,
- Blood Donor Days,
- The Weeks of Legal Culture,
- Hurry up for Good Deeds action,
- Theme photography exhibitions and traditional RBIM Photocross,
- Students Day (November 17) – bowling tournament,
- Interaction with the government authorities of the district, city, and region,
- Events dedicated to Victory Day,
- Interaction with social organisations (Russian Youth Association, Mind Sports League, Chelyabinsk regional headquarters of student detachments)

Student Council President Igor Kazhura will listen to your ideas and proposals with a great relish (office 341).

We are ready to discuss all the arising students’ questions with RBIM Administration.