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Broadcast interview for the programme “Personal Opinion”

Interview for the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

To get a higher education free of charge and to work without detriment to studies – this is the dream of every student! Russian-British Institute of Management is ready to fulfill it for 40 young people, who wish to become programming specialists and web designers. The details are given in the interview with RBIM Vice-Rector for Marketing and Development – Maxim Usynin. 

 - This is nothing less than a miracle! Nowadays, it is impossible to teach for free if you do not receive government subsidies. Aren’t you afraid of becoming dead broke? 

- No, we are not. We have been working in such a mode for two years already. It was an experiment with a group of programming students that has been switched to free of charge training. The experiment was successful, and now we launch the project in full force and effect. 

Training in RBIM is based on implementation of projects. We have created conditions for free of charge training for programming students, who study Applied Informatics. The students execute real commercial projects included in the curriculum. They start with simple projects, and by the end of the 4th year of study they make short work of the most difficult tasks, thus giving the evidence of the fact that they are already qualified professionals. They are able to accomplish projects compared to Facebook and Vkontakte on the second year of study.

- In other words, the students perform the work, which is paid for by customers, and the money earned covers their tuition fees?  

- Exactly. This is the system of education, where everyone is on the winning side: customers, the institute, and students. Upon completion of four years of study, the students get their state recognized diploma and can enter Master’s degree programmes offered by the leading universities in the world at their own wish.  

Why do Students Have to Work

- Studying is one capable of almost indefinite expansion. Unfortunately, the number of years spent within the walls of educational institutions has no effect on the wish of employers to recruit graduates just out of the institute. Only experienced specialists are needed…  

 - And here our students have and advantage, since they gain that experience in the process of training. Each RBIM graduate has a portfolio and recommendations from the employers, which will definitely help them in future career.

- Will the amount of earned money be enough to cover the fees? Is it possible, that the students will have to pay the rest?

- Training within this programme is absolutely free of charge. Moreover, the students have just developed a programme for Android tablet, and they will get a percentage of profits from its sales. The real money they can use at their own disposal.

- This is, probably, the best motivation for students! As a matter of fact, nobody needs study for the sake of study. People go to get education in order to earn money afterwards. But, your students, perhaps, have so much work that they have no time left for doing their homework…

- The essence of the educational scheme we adhere to lies in the fact that the students are taught from real projects, not some hypothetical examples and tasks. There is no other homework. We do not force-feed them with the knowledge that “maybe, will come useful”. Apart from that, twice a month, master-classes from leading specialists and heads of Chelyabinsk Internet companies – our partners – are held in RBIM.

Education of the Future

- And which specialties go into this interesting project?

- Two undergraduate programmes are involved. The first one is Applied Informatics (web and mobile applications development). This market grows rapidly, the quantity of smartphones doubles year by year. There is a disastrous lack of professionals, who develop software for such devices. Therefore our graduates will be in demand, and they can count on a respectable salary. 

The second one is Web Design. But we do not limit ourselves to the Internet. The development of applications and interfaces for cell phones and tablets is also here. These are games, social media and many other things. A Designer, which specializes in this sphere, is a prestigious and highly paid profession today, and it will be the same tomorrow.  

Thus, this year we will recruit two groups of 20 students each for free training.

- I suppose, there is a whole lot of those who wish to study for free. How will you select them?

We have got not only teaching students, but working in a team ahead of us. That is why there will be careful selection.  We are waiting for prospective students to get thorough an individual interview. We pay attention to the USE results, of course, but this is not the key point, since it reflects just the knowledge assessment. We offer applicants to pass a specially designed test, which defines intellectual and creative potential. That is the most important thing for us.

We are planning, as well, to switch other specialties to the free of charge base later on.

Thus, we would like our institute to become a “talents generator” and a “factory” for the creation of successful Internet companies.


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