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3D Studio Max Course

Agee: 14 and older
Length of the program: 2 months (36 hours)
Classes schedule: 3-hours lesson twice a week

Award certificate: Course Completion Certificate
Tuition fee: 2800 rubles
Telephone: 8 (351) 216-10-13

3D and 2D (three- and two-dimensional computer graphics) – today, these are practically all the special effects in the cinema, a greater part of the world animation; these are computer games, which could not be imagined without three-dimensional models and characters, and, finally, advertising!

Computer Graphics 3D Max course is designed for all comers, who wish to try their hand in the sphere of computer graphics. The course will be useful for design students, who wish to master 3D Max in order to visualize their diploma projects and other works, as well. The course is designed for obtaining basic knowledge in the sphere of various objects modeling, for creating special effects. 

Knowledge acquired in 3D Max course will help course participants to find confirmation of 3D Studio MAX program high efficiency from practical experience. In future, it will help 3D MAX course participants to design the patterns of advertising video clip projects for television, film industry, and animation, and design the details of visual effects customization in configuration of living spaces and non-residential premises as well.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to work for advertising agencies, printing companies, and design studios as a design artist, design engineer or 3D-visualizer. Knowledge obtained by the course participants in the process of studying will let them create animated video clips, three-dimensional spaces, photorealistic nature and many other things by themselves.     

The classes are held in the rooms equipped with up-to-date graphic stations – computers with quad-core processors. Qualified teachers will share with you the secrets of progressive designers and will help you to turn your project into reality.