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Adobe PhotoShop Course

Enrollment is in process!

Age: 14 and older
Length of the program: 2 months (38 hours)
Classes schedule: once a week

Award certificate: Course Completion Certificate

Tuition fee:  3000 rubles

Telephone: 8 (351) 216-10-13

The Photoshop program will open up colossal opportunities for you. You will be able to use Photoshop in order to create greeting cards, posters, collages, covers, patterns for web-pages, touch up photographs and do many other things.

Photoshop for Beginners course held in RBIM gives you the basic skills of working in the most popular graphic editor of raster graphics, which is implemented in all the spheres of design, computer modeling, projection and other sectors.

Consecutive and deep study of functional capabilities of the program in accordance with “from simple to complex” principle will help you to master the imaging and colour correction technology, retouch, collage making, and the ways of solving creative tasks, such as drawing, collaging and artistic photographs processing.

The course gives you required knowledge of each and all the basic tools of the program, which allows you to start easily explore complex methodologies, whether this be professional work with photographs, design, 3D-modelling or web. Apart from mastering the very program, you will be provided with the knowledge of the basic conceptions in the sphere of computer graphics.

This course is included into the training program for specialists in the sphere of graphic design and layout, prepress, and WEB-design. The course will be useful for those, who possess knowledge within the program, but want to systematize them, and improve their performance be means of new skills and methods of work as well.

Photoshop is a wonderful multi-purpose program, the leader in graphic and design industry. Photoshop gives you boundless opportunities, hundreds of tools, thousands of functions, millions of effects. Upon completion of the course you will be able:

  - to work independently with Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4 program;

  - to accomplish global and local image correction;
  - to change the basic parameters of images and carry out cropping;
  - to use layers, when creating collages and photographic compilations;
  - to remedy image defects: dust, scratches, “red eyes” and etc., to carry out image retouching;
  - to use the paint tools in order to create new illustrations; 
  - to apply special effects in order to level image expressiveness up; 
  - to carry out image scanning, remove moiré; 
  - to choose an optimal format of a file, when saving and exporting images.

You will be able to create works masterfully, not worse than designers of glossy magazines and modern web sites. So, all you need for that is to enter a Photoshop course and become a professional, and never ask someone about how to work in Photoshop again! Do not put off till tomorrow, when you have a great opportunity of studying Photoshop today under the guidance of a competent teacher, who attends to you. Believe us, Photoshop will become a real friend and a right hand of yours.