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Corel Draw Course

Enrollment to the groups is in the process!

Age: 14 and older

Length of the program: 2 months

Classes schedule: once or twice a week

Tuesdays, Thursdays

Award certificate: Course Completion Certificate
Tuition fee:  3 400 rubles

Telephone: 8 (351) 216-10-13


Design of a corporate identity, book-cover layout, calendar, logotypes? If your productive imagination is hungry for finding a use in the sphere of Graphics, the knowledge of CorelDRAW is vital to you.

CorelDRAW course is developed for designers, artists, photographers – for everyone, who wants to learn how to create original advertising images. The course will help you to open up new opportunities in a new fascinating profession. You will learn how to work in CorelDRAW – a favourite program of many designers.   

The syllabus of the CorelDRAW course includes: learning vector and raster graphics, working with colour and text, application of special effects, planning and making layouts. Experienced teachers will show you all the main advantages of the CorelDRAW program by the practical examples. 

The course will open up huge opportunities for you: it will not only help you to make the first steps in CorelDRAW, but familiarize you with the flexibility of this system implemented in industrial design and in the development of promotional materials, in preparation of presentations and images for web-pages. Apart from that, CorelDRAW is successfully used in office graphics and outdoor advertising, and even in prospectus production. Experiments with colour, form, content – all that is possible in CorelDRAW. This editing program meets the most up-to-date design requirements, and at the same time it is quite easy to master and use. 

The classes are held in the rooms equipped with up-to-date graphic programs. Upon completion of the course its participants get a Course Completion Certificate.