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Applied Informatics

Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Applied Informatics

Qualification: Computational Economist
Specialization: Applied Informatics 
Mode of study and length of the programme: 
full course - 4 years, shortened training - 3 years
Tuition fee in 2013/2014 academic year - 42 000 rubles

Specialization: Web Development
Mode of study and length of the programme: 
full-time - 4 years, shortened training - 3 years
Tuition fee in 2013/2014 academic year - 42 000 rubles

Entrance examinations:  
Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics / Informatics and ICT (at option) 

Head of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics -
Cand. Sc. (Education) Nadezhda Leonidovna Ivinskaya
Tel. 8 (351) 216-10-05

Business processes, media, and social space – the entire world goes to the Internet. 80% of the world programming market concentrates in the Internet. According to Forbes, 10 out of the 50 richest men in the world deal with information technology. Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, and Michael Dell are famous for the unique technologies that make the life of millions of people easier.

Applied Informatics is changing from classical programming of desktop applications to web-programming. Russian-British Institute of Management trains specialists in the field of web development.

Students will take part in project activities from the very first day. The entire course is based on development of various projects: from personal web-sites to large distributed systems with multimedia content, electronic commerce systems interaction, and high-loaded databases. Students may immediately start using the obtained knowledge in Flash-AS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP working in team projects.

The teachers-experts will help the students to acquire necessary competences in large systems development in reliance on experience of the world-level companies: Google, Yandex, IBM. Extreme programming, and Agile development – will become a usual environment for them.

In the course of work on their projects students will cooperate with Web-Design, Finance, and Management students. They will not only learn academic theory of programming (Patterns, Refactoring), but also will experience what team development means, how to manage requirements and risks, and how to work with the real customer in practice (Data flow charts, User Stories). 3rd year students will have a chance to start a career in Agilesea company, that was established by RBIM in collaboration with the British partners.

Upon completion of the study students will have a brilliant portfolio and managerial experience in commercial projects development. They will become in-demand specialists at the world market and will be able to develop projects being a part of international teams. Russian programmers earn $3000-4000 per month in international companies.

Having acquired Bachelor’s degree in Applied Informatics, student can continue their education at the MA courses like Information Support of Economic Activity, IT Business Processes Modelling and Organisation, Applied Informatics in Financial Management.

Whether to build a career in Chelyabinsk, or Skolkovo, or Silicon Valley - it is their choice!

Applied Informatics, Corresponding studies

Main subjects:


Year 1: Informatics and Programming, Usability,  Web-Design (HTML, CSS), Software Development, Business Processes; 

Year 2: Development of Dynamic Websites (PHP, JavaScript, AJAX), Object-Oriented Programming, Databases, Information Technology;

Year 3: Web-Applications Development, Management of Team Development, Risk Management, E-commerce;

Year 4: Business Management in IT sphere, Web-applications Development (Enterprise level), Information Security, High-loaded and Distributed Systems.