РБИУ (Русско-Британский институт управления)

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Chinese and English Language Courses

Teacher – Miao Zhōngshān

Classes schedule: 3-hours lesson 2 times a week

Pre-appointment call: 
8 (351) 216-10-13, 8-800-100-10-74 (free call)

Russian-British Institute of Management holds Chinese and English language courses. Chinese classes are taught by a Professor form the Shandong University (China), the only one speaker of Pekinese dialect (standard of the state language of China) in Chelyabinsk. During the study participants in the course will master 2000 hieroglyphs (native speakers use 3000 hieroglyphs), listening comprehension skills, Chinese speech, and will learn how to read Chinese characters.

The program contains of 4 modules (512 hours).

English for everybody 

Spoken English classes are taught by the lecturers of the HEI.

Pre-appointment call: 8-800-100-10-74 (free call), 216-10-13.