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Economics and Accounting

Qualification: Economist
Mode of study and length of the programme: 
full-time, on the basis of completed basic general education - 2 years and 10 months;
on the basis of completed secondary (complete) general education - 1 year and 10 months.

Tuition fee in 2013/2014 academic year:
31 000 rubles

Entrance examinations: Russian Language, Mathematics

According to the data provided by recruitment agencies, Accountant is one of the most demanded professions at the market. Growth of economy in this country results in expansion of existing companies, growth of branches and affiliated companies, and in rise of new firms. And a company’s financial system is reposed on the Accountants namely. So, the Accountants are and will always be in demand.

Studying Accounting in line with both Russian system, and international standards of financial statements, is the peculiarity of training in RBIM. The students learn how to work in such programs as 1C Accounting, MS Excel, Persin; and how to use legal reference systems and Internet in their work. 

Apart from acquiring professional skills, the students undertake managerial training: RBIM professors developed a unique Basic Managerial Competences course. So, the students have prospects for rapid career growth and can become Chief Accountants, Chief Financial Officers, or start their own business.

RBIM Vocational Education Courses graduates may be enrolled on the 2nd year of the higher education programme (full-time or part-time). 

Main subjects:

Year 1: Introduction to Specialty, Mathematics, Information Technology in Professional Activities;

Year 2: Corporate Finance, Statistics, Fundamentals of Banking, Management, Marketing;

Year 3: International Accounting Standards, Basic Accounting Models in Foreign Countries, Accounting, Auditing, Taxes and Taxation.