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Fashion Design

Joint educational programme

Field code: 070600.65 Design 
Qualification: Designer
Mode of study and length of the programme: 
full course – 4 years, shortened training - 3 years

Tuition fee for the first year of study, 2013/2014 academic year:  75 000 rub.

Entrance examinations: Drawing, Painting, Russian Language, Literature

Higher School of Design

Director of the School – Cand. Sc. (Education), member of Russian Designers Union Irina Viliamovna Vinokur

Tel. +7 351 216 10 28

Clothes are one of the major products of fashion industry. Fashion changes as fleetly as the times of the year, and it means that there is always a need for fashion designers – specialists who know how to conquer this troublemaker - Fashion.

RBIM Higher School of Design trains just that very kind of specialists in accordance with the international programme jointly with Glyndwr University (UK). The students have an opportunity to attend unique lectures of British designers, which means that they can get news of the world fashion trends before the others.

The students learn the history of costume not only by the textbooks. Under the auspices of Alexander Vasiliev there has been established the Museum of 20th Century Fashion History under the Department of Fashion Design (the best Department in Russia 2004), where the students can trace back the history of fashion by the genuine exhibit items and make their contribution to the collection.

The key to training in RBIM is participation in real projects development. The students learn how to project, design, and create style for certain customers; master the secrets of work with colour and form. In the Fashion Studio they may realize design projects in material on industrial equipment and present their collections on the catwalk.   

Our students have demonstrated high qualification more than once. There are prize-winners and Grand Prix winners of prestigious design competitions (Velvet Seasons in Sochi; Exercise; Russian Silhouette; The Dress of the City) among our students. European design school will reveal for our students the secrets of success, and we are sure will lead them to the High Fashion Weeks’ catwalks. And the portfolio collected during the years of study will be their best business card.

In 2012, Russian-British Institute of Management has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Glyndŵr University, Wrexham (UK). Under the terms of this Agreement, the joint programme will have the following advantages:

- profound study of the English language;

- master-classes of foreign professors;

- opportunities:

- to undertake summer courses abroad,

- RBIM students who have successfully accumulated sufficient number of ECTS credits and subject to a suitable entry level of English being satisfied will be considered for direct entry to Glyndŵr University onto Level 5 or 6 of an appropriate Bachelor Honours degree programme;

- graduates of RBIM Bachelor may apply to Glyndŵr University for MSc programmes provided they have an appropriate level of English language and Bachelor Degree with transcript equal to a sufficient number of ECTS credits.


Main subjects:


Year 1: Foreign Language,  Fundamentals of Composition in Interior Design, Materials Science, Architectonics,  Chromatics and Colour, Basic Managerial Competences; 

Year 2: Foreign Language, History of Costume and Cutout, Project Graphics, Costume-Making Techniques, Costume Design, Strategic Management Fundamentals, Project Management Fundamentals;

Year 3:  Foreign Language, Costume Design and Modelling, Artistic Costume Projection, Making Dummies, Special Drawing, History of 20th Century Fashion;  

Year 4: Costume Graphics, Colour in Costume,  Making a Project in Material, Marketing and Advertising,  Computer Aided Fashion Design.