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Graphic Design

Joint educational programme

Field code: 072500.65 Graphic Design 

Qualification: Designer 

Mode of study and length of the programme: 
full course – 4 years, shortened training - 3 years

Tuition fee for the first year of study, 2013/2014 academic year: 75 000 rubles

Entrance examinations: Drawing, Painting, Russian Language, Literature

Higher School of Design 

Director of the School – Cand. Sc. (Education), member of Russian Designers Union

Irina Viliamovna Vinokur

Tel. +7 351 216 10 28

Advertising is the engine of any business. Rapid growth of design and advertising agencies is a striking indicator of demand for professional graphic designers adapted to the reality of contemporary business, who can develop stylish and recognizable media for goods promotion, corporate identity, and brand code of a company.

Nowadays, the situation in business is following: it is upmarket to order a design to be executed by British design schools’ graduates, since it guarantees high quality of the order fulfillment.  Graphic design, Computer Graphics, Web Design, Fashion Design, Product, Furniture, Vehicle, and Jewellery Design – Great Britain is a leader practically in all the areas of design. Designers who got their education in the UK achieve a great deal afterwards. Graphic Design RBIM students have an opportunity to study the joint programme with Glyndŵr University, UK. 
 They study English profoundly and can find information about current European trends. They can attend unique master-classes from European and American designers; undertake vocational practical training in Great Britain and get practical experience in the very heart of European design.

The students will go the top of professionalism step-by-step through learning of design, drawing, painting and colour science basics. They master traditional graphic package: Corel Draw, Photoshop, 3D Max, Archi Cad, Auto Cаd; obtain the skills in artistic projection of various types of advertising and graphic arts; learn how to create corporate identity, outdoor advertising, package and promotional products. The knowledge of economics, marketing, and management will let them make right business solutions.

Practical design work puts the students in the situations of real life and gives understanding of the way professional design companies do work.

From the first year of study the students work on projects in graphic design workshop under the guidance of Svetlana Yarovaya. The students get invaluable experience of work with customers, professional portfolio, meetings with the famous designers, and the first earned money. Our students’ triumphs at professional festivals and competitions (Green Apple, New Century, Gold Flea) is the best evidence of our education quality. And collaboration with the UK HEI gives them an opportunity of participation in international contests.

In 2012, Russian-British Institute of Management has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Glyndŵr University, Wrexham (UK). Under the terms of this Agreement, the joint programme will have the following advantages:

- profound study of the English language;

- master-classes of foreign professors;

- opportunities:

- to undertake summer courses abroad,

- RBIM students who have successfully accumulated sufficient number of ECTS credits and subject to a suitable entry level of English being satisfied will be considered for direct entry to Glyndŵr University onto Level 5 or 6 of an appropriate Bachelor Honours degree programme;

- graduates of RBIM Bachelor may apply to Glyndŵr University for MSc programmes provided they have an appropriate level of English language and Bachelor Degree with transcript equal to a sufficient number of ECTS credits.


Main subjects:



Year 1: Foreign Language, Sculpture and Plastic Modelling, Chromatics, Colour, Information Technology in Design, Basic Managerial Competences;

Year 2: Foreign Language, Project Graphics Fundamentals, Font, Graphic Technology, Photographics, Typography, Computer Technology, Web Design; 

Year 3: Foreign Language, History of Design and Advertising, Graphic Design Projection, Package Design, Computer Technology, Special Drawing;  

Year 4: Colour in Advertising, Book Graphics, Poster and Advertising Graphics, Polygraphic Technology, Book and Advertising Graphics, Design and Advertising Techniques, Flash Animation; Up-to-Date Project Technology, Project Activities Organisation, Management and Marketing Fundamentals