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Graphic Design

Qualification: Graphic Designer
Mode of study and length of the programme: 
full-time, on the basis of completed basic general education — 3 years and 10 months,
on the basis of completed secondary (complete) general education — 2 years and  10 months

Tuition fee for the first year of study, 2013/2014 academic year: 
on the basis of completed basic general education - 33 000 rubles
on the basis of completed secondary (complete) general education - 33 000 rubles

Entrance examinations: 
on the basis of completed basic general education - Mathematics, Russian Language, Drawing, Painting;
on the basis of completed secondary (complete) general education - Mathematics, Russian Language (USE or exams held in RBIM), Drawing, Painting

Higher School of Design

Director of the School – Cand. Sc. (Education), member of Russian Designers Union

Irina Viliamovna Vinokur

Tel. +7 351 216 10 28 

Rapid growth of design and advertising agencies is a striking indicator of demand for professional graphic designers adapted to the reality of contemporary business.

We do not approach design students training as a mere formality: our students obtain complex professional knowledge and study additionally Marketing and Psychology within the special Career Building and Basic Managerial Competences courses. Already in the process of studying they start to understand how design companies work, since the training is based on implementation and defense of real life projects. Hence students get the experience of customer relations.

Specialized classes are equipped with up-to-date computers with quad-core processors, therefore by the start of their career the students are armed with advanced design technologies. Graphical package used in modern advertising production, such as Corel Draw,  Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver,  Autodesk, 3DMax, will become the ABC of their future career.   

Upon graduation from college, the students may continue education on Graphic Design higher education programme or apply acquired skills and knowledge in the sphere of advertising, printing industry, IT, and so on. Our graduates are free to choose where and how they can realize their potential in the most interesting, bright, and creative way.

Main subjects:

Year 1: Fundamentals of Chromatics, Fundamentals of Perspective, Fundamentals of Composition, Pictorial Means of Drawing and Graphics;

Year 2: Font, Typography, Design in the Field of Application;

Year 3: History of Graphic Design and Advertising, Sculpture and Plastic Modelling, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Technologies;

Year 4: Theory and Technique of Graphics, Design Projection, Polygraphic Technology, Book and Poster Graphics, Design and Advertising Techniques.