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Computers and Automated Systems Software

Qualification: Software Engineer
Length of the programme: 
on the basis of completed basic general education - 3 years and 10 months

Tuition fee in 2013/2014 academic session:
 31 000 rubles

Entrance examinations:

on the basis of completed basic general education - Mathematics (test), Russian Language (test)

on the basis of completed secondary (complete) general education - Mathematics, Russian Language (USE or exams held in RBIM) 

In the Age of Information Technology, our life becomes more and more tied to computers, Internet, web-applications, data bases. Just imagine, there were no cell phones 10 years ago, and now we cannot imagine our life without Internet. There is a computer in one in three houses on the planet; with its help people study, work, conduct negotiations with colleagues from other parts of the world, entertain themselves and create.

Russian IT market grows rapidly, which means that there will be a need for professionals who know everything and even more about computers within the next five years. Computers and automated systems have become the heart of present-day business, thus specialties connected to informatics and software are among the most promising in the world. Cash flow accounting, personnel records, projects planning and presentation, connection between the offices, mail, important documentation archives, production systems – communication and manufacturing processes are tied up to information technology. Our students learn how to administrate information systems and networks, develop and adapt software for concrete tasks of a certain business.

The students will get an insight into tendencies and prospects of IT development and into the basic principles of automated information processing systems construction and administration. The students will know the laws of business data processing, the types of IT, procedure of IT development and maintenance, structure and the rules of telecommunications network maintenance.

The students will learn how to use hardware documentation on automated information processing for concrete systems, work with software and hardware tools of conversation between a person and information systems, master graphic and multimedia data processing methods. The students will get strategic skills of work with information systems in actual practice, in computer classes furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. 

RBIM Vocational Education Courses graduates may proceed with their studies and enter RBIM higher education programmes (Applied Informatics). Combination of professional knowledge and managerial training will allow the students to occupy high positions in the beginning of a brilliant career. They can make a career at the enterprises and companies as experts in automated management systems maintenance, specialists for graphic and multimedia data processing, software engineers, system administrators, IT Managers.

Main subjects:
Year 1: 
Introduction to Specialty;

Year 2: Information Technology, Operating Systems and Environment;
Year 3: Metrology, Standardization and Certification, Technology of Software Products Development, Fundamentals of Electronics; Electronic Portal Development, Computer Graphics

Year 4: Networking Software, Remote Databases Development and Maintenance, Application Packages, Electronic Document Management Systems Development, Internet Technologies.