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Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Management

Specialization: HR Management

Production Management
Mode of study and length of the programme: 
full course - 4 years, shortened training - 3 years

Tuition fee in 2013/2014 academic year: 42 000 rubles

Entrance examinations:
Russian Language, Mathematics, Social Studies / Foreign Language (at option)

Higher School of Management

Director of the School – Larisa Petrovna Yarulina
Tel.: +7 351 216 10 51

None of the companies can exist without managers – as soon as a company appears the necessity of running it appears as well. That is exactly what modern managers do. Therefore it may be said that Manager is one of the most demanded professions nowadays.

Russian-British Institute of Management trains not just certified managers, but the experts, who can work successfully in any sphere where there is a need for managerial decisions. Additional special courses, such as Basic Managerial Competences and Career Building, create the conditions for professional skills formation.

We have made the training programme in such a way that the students learn how to apply the technology of quality control to practice on the basis of Lean Production. Having mastered modern recruitment and training technologies, and the art of headhunting the students will acquire unique HR skills.

In the process of business training we arm our students with interactive technologies which can be used both in work and in everyday life.  Practical training will let you look into the ins and outs of progressive companies. Through analysis, modelling, and optimization of processes at operating enterprises the students obtain managerial competences while studying at the institute.

This specialty will let the students learn how to manage effectively, how to achieve personal success; communicate with colleagues, partners, and clients on a mutually beneficial basis; acquire skills in project and operations management; find solutions in complicated situations; master effective time-management.

They will be able to build a career in such spheres as Finance, Tourism, Sports, Transport, Arts, and others. There are many young specialists in promising sectors of building, finance, trade and IT among the module leaders.

Our graduate can become an executive manager; consultant for management and organisational development; negotiation manager; or found his/her own business.

Management. Corresponding studies

Main subjects:


Year 1:  Basic Managerial Training, Economic Theory, Informatics, Project Expert, MS Project, Basic Managerial Competences;

Year 2:  Fundamentals of Management, Organisational Theory, Corporate Finance, Social and Psychological Training;

Year 3:  Strategic Management, Organisational Behaviour, Finance Management, Sociology and Managerial Psychology, PMI Standard, Innovation Management;

Year 4: 
Production Management, Project Management, Lean Production, Developing Managerial Solutions, Crisis management, Quality Assurance Management.