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Management in Tourism Business

Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Management 

Mode of study and length of the programme: 

full course - 4 years, shortened training - 3 years (available for those who have completed an RBIM secondary vocational education course)

Tuition fee for the first year of study, 2013/2014 academic year: 82 000 rubles

Entrance examinations: 
Russian Language, Mathematics, Social Studies

Higher School of Service and Tourism
Director of the School – Angela P. Mirzoyan
Tel. +7 351 216 10 06

Everyone dreams of an interesting, highly paid, unusual job and international career. Passion for travelling and a strong desire for communication, wish to discover the world’s cultures – these are the things that can make you happy in profession and give you unforgettable emotions every day. Vivid impressions, lots of friends all over the world – all this can also bring you real income if you choose Management in Tourism Business as your specialty.

The unique RBIM teaching strategy that includes Russian, British and Austrian programmes, is the basis for successful career. Upon completion of studies the graduates will be awarded two diplomas confirming their qualification: state recognized diploma of the Russian Federation and a Salzburg Tourism Schools Diploma.

The students study Effective Management and Business Planning as part of the joint RBIM and Glyndŵr University course. Master-classes in special disciplines are held by the best European and Russian lecturers. The students study hotel management software, particularly Fidelio that includes booking, check-in process, room division management, accounting, and Amadeus - the leading ticket booking system.

The students acquire perfect knowledge of foreign languages, as they study English profoundly for 4 years and German for 2 years. That will give them a chance to become experts of the international level. Gained knowledge will be useful during practical training at travel agencies and hotels in Russia and Europe.

How to establish a tourism enterprise? Under which laws does it develop? What is a network of travel agencies? How to become a large international tour operator? The students will be able to give a competent answer to these questions, as they will take part in several projects development in the course of training. They will familiarize with the work of a travel agency in-and-out, will learn how to work in team, and will make their own excursions and tours.

In 2012, Russian-British Institute of Management has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Glyndŵr University, Wrexham (UK). Under the terms of this Agreement, the joint programme will have the following advantages:

- profound study of the English language;

- master-classes of foreign professors;

- opportunities:

- to undertake summer courses abroad,

- RBIM students who have successfully accumulated sufficient number of ECTS credits and subject to a suitable entry level of English being satisfied will be considered for direct entry to Glyndŵr University onto Level 5 or 6 of an appropriate Bachelor Honours degree programme;

- graduates of RBIM Bachelor may apply to Glyndŵr University for MSc programmes provided they have an appropriate level of English language and Bachelor Degree with transcript equal to a sufficient number of ECTS credits.

Our alumni with prestigious education of the European level and knowledge of two foreign languages can work as travel agents, managing directors of travel agencies, and consultants in Russian and foreign companies.                      


Main subjects:


Year 1: Service, Organisational Theory, Corporate Finance, Basic Managerial Competences; 

Year 2: Economic Geography and Regionalistics, Tourism Geography, English in Tourism, Hotel Management;

Year 3: Hospitality Industry, Travel Agency Activities, Strategic Management, HR Management;

Year 4: Tourism and Project Management, Customer Service, Travel Techniques and Tourists Reception, Effective and Innovation Management