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Children Painting Studio

Age: 6-15 year old

Length of the program: 8 months
Classes schedule: 2-hours lesson once a week 
Teacher: Antonina Ternite

Award certificate: Course Completion Certificate
Tuition fee - 4,800 rubles 

Telephone: 8 (351) 216-10-13

Memory of a child is able to keep five times more information than the memory of an adult person. Specialists consider childhood as the most favourable period for creative abilities’ development. 

You will take a dive into the atmosphere of warmth, coziness, and beauty created specially for happy minutes by the team of like-minded fellows.

At the lessons in visual arts children will be able not only to obtain crafting skills, but to learn how to understand and love the art. It will help them in future to become true successors of cultural wealth that teaches, entertains, and develops personality, which is the most important thing.

Each year the young artists exhibit their works in RBIM gallery. Taking the audience’s opinion and seeing your little masterpiece at the big exhibition – this is the first step in a creative career.

The young artists of the painting studio “Cheerful Brush” study fundamentals of composition, working with water-colours, features of paper and pencils lead by their teacher - Antonina Borisovna Ternite. And certainly, they draw and paint: portraits, fairy tale stories, still life pieces, landscapes. Children drawing and painting in various techniques: pencil, scratchboard, ink, gouache, water-colour… Children drawings, sunny, full of joy and kindness, get everyone inspired!