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Young Restaurateur School

Golden Fork, the People's Restaurant Award, and Higher School of Service and Tourism of Russian-British Institute of Management (RBIM) perform a unique joint project - "Young Restaurateur School". 

In order to be a successful manager, it is necessary to understand, how your restaurant works. It is essential to possess the skills of the craft. A restaurateur must be able to cook dishes, make cocktails and serve the guests by him/herself. Such skills are acquired by the students of some European schools. In Russia, you can obtain such knowledge in Higher School of Service and Tourism of Russian-British Institute of Management only.  

This famous educational institution in collaboration with Golden Fork award provides young citizens of Chelyabinsk with the opportunity to get unique skills and knowledge. The program of the “Young Restaurateur School” is rich: course participants will find out gastronomical secrets, learn service and etiquette. The program will include 5 practical 60-minutes classes. 

Studying at “School” will be useful not only for children, but for their parents as well. They will be able to prepare original dishes together, to learn how to lay the table properly, to know many interesting and useful rules of restaurant etiquette. 

All the classes will be held in RBIM Training Kitchen and Training Restaurant. Institute’s equipment corresponds to the level of a five star hotel, and any good restaurant could envy its outfit.

The stars will teach you!

Teaching staff of the Young Restaurateur School could enrapture anyone! The course participants will prepare hot courses under the guidance of RBIM Brand-Chef Alexander Kozodoy. More than once his professionalism was judged on its merits by honorable guests and distinguished chefs from famous schools in Austria, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, and Canada. 

Classes in etiquette will be conducted by the Director of RBIM Higher School of Service and Tourism, the author of encyclopaedia “The World of Etiquette”. Service will be taught by young and talented Anton Tregubov, who has undertaken an internship in Austria.

And Igor Tumakin, two-time champion of Russia in confectionery art, prize winner of the World Confectionery Art Championship, Director for Production of the Hospitality Centre “Europe” and Confectionery Chef of the chain of coffee houses “Penka”, will conduct the classes in making desserts. 

The young restaurateurs will made all the dishes of high-quality products provided by METRO CASH&CARRY company.


How to enter the “School”?

The number of course participants is limited. The unique classes will be available for 3 groups, 10 people each. One group is for 10-12 years old children, and two others – for 13-15 year olds. In the end of the program, all the participants will get a certificate, a package of training materials, and a real chef apron as a present.  

Young citizens of Chelyabinsk will be able to know the secrets of the culinary art and learn the basics of service and etiquette in March. You can get the tickets for participation in the Young Restaurateur School in pizza restaurants “Pomidor”, coffee houses “Penka”, “Keks”, in Las Margaritas restaurant, and in the chain of stores “Pochemuchka” and in the office of Vybiray magazine. Cost – 3500 rubles.  

Note: A child can participate together with one of the parents. Before the first lesson starts, parents’ attendance is requested, as a safety induction will take place. A parent will be obliged to put a signature as being responsible for an underage child. When attending the school, it is obligatory to have a pair of school shoes. 

For further information, please, call: 8 (351) 247-05-81.